Automating with Power Apps, Flow, and Common Data Service,

Course Description

About this course

This One-day instructor-led course provides students who work with Microsoft or Dynamics software the ability to automate business processes and workflows with Microsoft Common Data Service, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow.

The primary audience for this course is individuals who work with Microsoft or Dynamics Software. These individuals and companies can benefit from automation business processes and workflows.

Course Outline

Module 1: The Common Data Service

Module 2: Linking Flow and PowerApps

Module 3: Common Data Service and PowerApps Integration

Module 4: Modular Flow Development

Module 5: Quick Repeated Flow Unit Testing of Different Input Data

Module 6: Linking the Flows together

Module 7: Linking PowerApps and Flow

Module 8: Linking PowerApps, Flow, and Common Data Service

IMPORTANT: Please be informed that for the purposes of our Policies, this entire package is considered as a "consulting" and "custom training" package, with all elements being considered as "consulting" and "custom training."

IMPORTANT: Please be informed - this specific course is a primarily interactive course, and involves primarily hands on practice. Please also be advised that you may or may not be provided with any kind of custom documentation for this course.

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