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You will learn the essentials of this popular programming language, particularly how to write powerful, efficient applications which can be run on almost any platform or device. This course will provide you with the practical experience to design, write, compile, and execute Java applications. This will enable you to solidify the skills required to develop fully functional Java programs which can interact with existing SQL databases.



Unit 1- Learn the Java Platform

Unit 2- Write Effective Code by Understanding the Object-Oriented Paradigm

Unit 3- Master Java Syntax & Conventions for Rapid ApplicationDevelopment

Unit 4- Design GUI Applications using Swing

Unit 5- Optimize Resource Usage and Enhance Application Reliability

Unit 6- Code for Fast Execution and Efficiency

Unit 7- Minimize Duplicate Effort with Java Inheritance and Interfaces

Unit 8- Query and Update Databases with JDBC

Unit 9- Usine Eclipse IDE to Work Smarter

Understand Eclipse projects and use them to your advantage.

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