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Learn to code using Python. You will learn the fundamental concepts and practical implementation of Python programming. We also cover tools, tips, and commonly used techniques.



Unit 1: Get Started

In this first part of the Python training class, you will be introduced to the Python language, different ways to interact with the language's interpreter, and popular Python IDE's (integrated development environments).

Unit 2: Programs and Program Development

A non-trivial program will almost always have at least three parts (input routine to accept user input, computation on input data, and output routine to generate the results). In this section, you will learn the basic structure of such programs.

Unit 3: Functions

In this section, you will be introduced to Python functions and the benefits of using them in your programs.

Unit 4: Python Sequences: Lists, Tuples, and Ranges

In this section, you will learn and work with composite data types.

Unit 5: Control Flow Statements

In this section, you will learn control statements and control flow.

Unit 6: Repetition Control Statements

In this section, you will learn about loop statements and task control with count-controlled and sentinel-controlled repetitions.

Unit 7: List Processing

Here we show you how to work with and manipulate lists

Unit 8: String Processing

This section is dedicated to Python string processing and regex

Unit 9: Sets & Dictionaries

This section introduces Python data sets and dictionaries.

Unit 10: File Input/Output

In this section, we will be working with reading data from a file and saving the data to a file.

Unit 11: Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

In this section we will explore OOP in Python, one of the features it is most known for.

Object-oriented design

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