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SQL (short for "Structured Query Language") is the standard language for accessing, inputting and manipulating data in relational databases. With an easy-to-follow English-based syntax, SQL scripting gives you the power to access data in a wide variety of databases, including MS Access, MySQL, Postgres, etc.  You will learn the skill of writing correct and effective SQL statements that manipulate and retrieve data from your database



Unit 1- Introduction to the Structured Query Language (SQL)?

Unit 2- Data Selection

Unit 3- Retrieving Data From Multiple Tables

Unit 4- Use Criteria in SQL Statements

Unit 5- Generate Totals Using SQL

Unit 6- Generate Calculated Fields Using SQL

Unit 7- Using UNIONS, SUBQUERIES, and More JOINS

Unit 8- Action Queries within SQL

Unit 9- VIEWS

Unit 10- Structure Databases using SQL

Unit 11- Working with Index

Unit 12- Working with Conditional Queries

Unit 13- Developing Common Tables Expressions


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